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  • App El Parking
    The intelligent Parking meter in your mobile phone

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Simply pay with your mobile phone park

The intelligent Parking meter in your mobile phone. Pay the blue zone, and forget about looking for coins.

Forget about looking for the parking meter, and pay with your mobile phone.
Extend the length of time or take a new ticket.
Securly pay
Receive alerts to avoid fines
Single Invoice

How to use the app El Parking

  1. Open ElParking in your mobile phone and the GPS will locate you on the map. Confirm the point where you are parked.

  2. Select the appropriate rate and the registration number of your vehicle.

  3. Choose the duration of the ticket and pay in the application.

  4. The ticket is registered in the system and the parking attendent can verify that you have a valid ticket without leaving anything in the vehicle.