Frequently Asked Questions

Obtaining tickets from the Parking meter.

The parking meter works and delivers tickets every day of the season at all hours of the day. In the event of a ticket being finalized on the current day, the parking meter will give you a ticket for the time subscribed starting at 10:00 am the next day.

Parking meters do not give change, therefore, you must enter the exact amount of money depending on the time you need. They also do not accept bills, only coins (except 1 and 2 cent coins).

Fine Cancellation

Example 1: You have exceeded the parking time indicated on the parking permit.
If the parking time allowed on the ticket has not been exceeded by more than half an hour, the amount that is indicated for the purpose of the Salobrena Hourly Parking Regulatory Ordinance will be satisfied, with no possibility for reduction.
Example 2: Have parked without obtaining a parking ticket or placing it in a non-visible way.

In the two hours after the fine, the amount that is indicated for the purpose of the Fiscal Regulatory Regulation of Parking with hourly limitation of Salobreña will be satisfied without possibility for reduction.

Unless it is due to a breakdown, chances are you have not entered the exact amount. It must do so because the parking meter does not return change.

Operating Hours

Outside the restricted hours and season, in the parking meter screen it opens in a new window of the O.R.E. You can park without a ticket (in the blue zone)

According to the ordinance, your disability card allows you to park in O.R.E., regardless of the color and without time limit.

Notifications, Complaints y Fine Payments

You have to wait until the City Council notifies you of the fine at your address (at the address of the person who owns the vehicle). From that moment you have 20 days to pay with a discount of 50%.

You must make a statement of allegations addressed to the City of Salobreña, identifying the driver by name, surname and D.N.I.

You can present to the General Registry of the City of Salobreña a letter of allegations duly completed, stating the allegations and enclosing the additional documents that you deem appropriate.